Development of Tobacco Industry Strategy

This document is communication from the Tobacco Institute circa 1982. Despite its age it clearly outlines the purpose of industry corporate social responsibility programs and actions or SAPROs (social Aspects/Public relations organisation) (see page 7 on).

"For example, a program to discourage teens from smoking (an adult decision) might prevent or delay further regulation of the tobacco industry"

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world health organisation (WHO) factsheets

who response

"The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control entered into force in February 2005. Since then, it has become one of the most widely embraced treaties in the history of the United Nations with 180 Parties covering 90% of the world's population...” 

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"There is no common ground between the tobacco industry and public health policymakers…”

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transparency, yes

"It became clear that the industry lied when denying the harms caused by their products, disputing scientific findings, and luring millions, including the world's youth, into addiction, in a drive to build its business…”

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