The effective implementation of public health strategies that reduce the harm associated with tobacco, alcohol and gambling consumption has been difficult to achieve due to the opposition of industry.

Tobacco, alcohol, and gambling industries use Corporate Political Activity (CPA) to protect and advance their political interests.  CPA is defined as corporate attempts to shape government policy in ways that are favourable to the industry.

There is a growing body of literature that points to the role of vested interests as barriers to the implementation of effective public health policies.


Industry use the following tactics:

  1. Front Groups, ‘Astro-Turfing’ and SAPROs
  2. Casting Doubt Over Science
  3. Direct and Indirect Lobbying
  4. Legal and Official Challenges
  5. Media and Publicity Campaigns
  6. Tax Arguments and Actions
  7. Company Collaborations
  8. Diversion Tactics
  9. Intimidation
  10. Policy substitution, ‘development’ and implementation

To see these tactics in action see our ‘what to look out for’ pages.

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